Discover to Deliver Explained This two-minute video illustrates Discover To Deliver's key concepts. You see how the stakeholders work together to continuously explore and define product requirements.


Discovery is as Important as Delivery Ellen Gottesdiener shares with Agile for Humans host Ryan Ripley why discovery is as important is as important as delivery, using discovery for creation, innovation, and collaboration; being in "the age of product"; focusing on goals not roles, and more. From Discovery to Delivery--and Beyond Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman share insights into how to work with requirements in an Agile environment--from discovery to delivery and beyond--with SPaMCAST host Tom Cagley. How to Discover Product Requirements Ellen Gottesdiener shares with podcast host David Saboe how to discover product requirements. Hear how to break away from being an order taker to become a product co-creator using structured conversations to slice requirements options based on value. Exploring the 7 Product Requirements for Better Requirements Discovery Mary Gorman takes podcast host David Saboe and listeners into a deep dive of a holistic framework to discover product requirements using the 7 Product Dimensions. Hear how agile teams use analysis models during requirements discovery to quickly and powerful supplement their conversations. Essentials for successful agile business analysis: practical suggestions and observations Listen to Podcast | Read the Transcript Mary Gorman explains discusses the continuing importance of modeling to support collaboration between business and IT, agile business analysis, and collaboration effectively in this interview with Blueprint's Tony Higgins. Truths about agile requirements and product management - field observations Listen to Podcast | Read the Transcript Gottesdiener redefines traditional roles in agile teams and explains the hurdles that need to be overcome to use agile most effectively in this interview with Blueprint's Tony Higgins. IEEE's Software Engineering Radio interview on agile requirements and planning Host Neil Maiden interviews Ellen and Mary about agile requirements, structured conversations for ongoing, systematic discovery and delivery of product options and adapting your requirements practices. Redvespa interview about Discover to Deliver Redvespa interviews Gottesdiener and Gorman about the 7 Product Dimensions, visual techniques in Discover to Deliver, structured conversations, and more. AgileToolkit interview: Gottesdiener & Gorman on Discover to Deliver Agile Toolkit host Bob Payne interviews Ellen and Mary at Agile 2012 about their just released book Discover to Deliver and how they used practices in the book to write the book. OOP Conference 2013 Interview with Ellen Interview with Ellen by Matthias Bohlen about her OOP Conference 2013 tutorial and concepts in Discover to Deliver. Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaMCAST) Interview with Ellen and Mary SPaCAST host Tom Cagley interviews Ellen and Mary, discussing their new book Discover to Deliver and essential practices for agile delivery. TheBACoach Yamo interviews Mary and Ellen TheBACoach Yamo interviews Mary and Ellen about what inspired them to write their new book, Discover to Deliver, what pain points this book intends to solve, how to read the book, and much more.

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